What Are Sew in Hair Extensions?

What are sew in hair extensions

If you’re considering adding hair extensions, there are plenty of things to think about. Hand-tied wefts can be an option. Sew-in hair extensions can be another option. If you’re looking for ways to add length or volume, sew-in hair extensions are a great choice.

Hand-tied wefts

Sew-in hair extensions that are tied by hand are extremely popular. They are perfect for those with thin hair because they are flexible and not bulky. Weft extensions that are tied by hand are a great option for people who wish to avoid damaging their own hair.

Sew-in hair extensions are an old fashion tradition. These extensions have gained a lot of attention in recent years due to social media and the increased use of celebrities and other influential people. Many customers aren’t aware of the difference between hand-tied and machine-made wefts. This is because most stylists mistake machine made wefts with hand-tied extensions.

The process of applying hand-tied wefts can take anywhere between 1.5 to three hours. Wefts that are hand-tied last between six and eight months depending on their density. If you’re going to wear your hand-tied wefts in your hair, be sure to follow these guidelines for proper care. When washing, make sure to wash the wefts delicately. Do not put them on top of each other in a stacking manner.


Sew-in hair extensions can be very expensive. Virgin hair is the most expensive form of hair extension. It is made completely from human hair. Virgin hair has never been treated with chemicals and is believed to be healthier than natural hair. Virgin hair isn’t easy to match and can cost upwards of $300 for an entire head.

Sew-in hair extensions can be very expensive so it is a good idea to do some research before making your decision. Before you make your final decision, speak to your stylist about the cost. Be sure to discuss the duration and maintenance with your stylist. While they are costly they also let your hair develop healthy and long.

Another option that is popular is tape used in hair extensions. These extensions are comprised of segments of hair which are secured to a keratin tape with a double-sided side. The tape measures about two inches in width and is applied by a stylist near the scalp. The stylist will then apply the tape to the hair and then sandwich hair between the tape. Tape in hair extensions are easy to put in and are just a fraction of the cost of a traditional hair extension. In addition to being easy to install they also lay in a flat position beneath the hair you have.

The availability

You can choose from a range of lengths and colors when sewing hair extensions. These extensions are made of the same thread as natural hair. Hottie Hair is a reputable company that sells these hairpieces. Before deciding which hairpiece to purchase, it’s best to research reviews from customers and star ratings to ensure that you’re dealing with a trustworthy company. You should also think about the experience of the hair extension stylist before making a purchase.

The durability of sew-in hair extensions can be increased with proper care. While you’re wearing these extensions make sure to brush and shampoo your hair regularly to keep them looking the best they can. The hairpieces are able to last up to three months. If you decide to get another set, you should ask the hairdresser to remove the previous one and let it rest for a few weeks.

Sew-in hair extensions may be difficult to clean. They can accumulate bacteria and buildup as they are permanently attached to the hair. They could cause damage to your hair extensions if you’re not attentive. It is essential to select an experienced stylist who is reputable to avoid this. Additionally, make sure you inform your stylist if you’re experiencing any hair tension. Ask your stylist for suggestions on how to care for your hair extensions. The more you know the better your experience.


To ensure the durability of sew-in hair extensions it is vital to clean and untangle them. Be sure to apply a conditioner gentle enough for natural hair. The conditioner is made from natural ingredients and can enhance your hair’s shine. A protective style can protect your hair from heat styling damage. It is recommended to use heat protection when you are bathing or showering to keep your hair extensions safe.

Ideally, your hair extensions should last six to eight weeks. Once this time has passed then it’s time to remove your sewn-in hair extensions. You will need to return to the salon in order to re-install your sew-in hair extensions. You should have the sew-ins removed and re-installed within six to eight weeks. Based on the type of extensions you’ve installed you may decide to buy new ones or alter your style regularly.

It is recommended that you shampoo your sew-in hair at least once every two weeks to prolong the life of your sew-ins. This will prevent matting and lessen the possibility of premature degradation. It is recommended to avoid sulfates when choosing the right product. It will also make your hair soft and manageable. You should also detangle your hair before washing it to minimize breakage.

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