What Are Weft Hair Extensions?

what are weft hair extensions

Beaded wefts offer different levels of thickness

Beaded hair extensions are a great choice for a woman who wants to add more thickness to her hair without adding much weight. These extensions can be cut to fit the exact thickness woman desires. They can be styled in a way that suits different hair textures. A professional stylist can assist woman choose the ideal extension for her hair texture. In addition to adding thickness, beaded hair extensions are gentle on natural hair strands.

There are three main types beaded hair extensions beaded invisibly (hidden beaded) braidless sew ins (invisible beaded rows) and invisible beaded rows (invisible beaded rows). Each has its own pros and pros and. Each of these three methods offers different thickness levels.

Micro links

Micro links in weft hair extensions are a new concept that allows for the installation process to be much simpler than traditional weave. They don’t require glue or braiding and can be glued directly to your scalp. There are two main types of micro-links: those with i-tips and those without. Both can be applied to a tiny portion of natural hair before it gets to the roots.

Based on how they are taken care of, micro links can last up to three months. They are not risk-free. Washing them could cause damage to the beads and hair. So, you should be careful with your agitation. Begin with shampooing your hair. Next, begin to take off the natural hair strands. Avoid using circular motions while shampooing. It is also important to schedule regular maintenance appointments with your stylist so that you can avoid damage.

Wefts braided

Braided weft extensions are a great choice for women with short hair. These extensions are made of high-quality hair and are easy to apply. These extensions appear natural and are adjusted to match your style. For a unique appearance, you can choose the size of the extensions, color, and style of the extensions.

There are many types and sizes of braided hair extensions. The most well-known type is the hand-tied. They are made by hand and feature a thicker covering. They can also be used conjunction with other hairpieces. They are ideal for hair with thin or fine hair.

Real hair can be damaged by wefts from machines

Hair extensions tied by hand are the most natural option for adding volume and fullness to thin or fine hair. They are less bulky and easier to manage than wefts tied by machines. They can be put on any part of the head and blend seamlessly into the real hair. Furthermore, hand-tied hair extensions can last as long as 12 months.

Machine-wefted hair extensions are not easily removed by the wearer, in contrast to the hair extensions tied with hands. They must be tacked to the scalp for several hours before they can be removed. Additionally, they could be uncomfortable to wear.

Installation methods

There are a variety of options for installation for weft hair extensions. There are glue-in weave options as well as sew-in and clip-in methods. Each method has advantages and drawbacks. It is crucial to select the method of installation that best suits your needs and personal preferences.

Hand-tied installation takes about two hours and require three to four rows (or more) of wefts. This method is similar to machine-sewn and hand-tied techniques, but has some distinct characteristics. For example, it’s possible to put 1-3 wefts in each row to give it the desired fullness or density. Furthermore, you can pick the color and texture of each weft, giving the hairstyle a personal look.


Weft hair extensions can be used to increase the length of your hair without the need to visit salons. This process is faster than applying individual strands at a time and the results last for an extended period of time. A weft can last up to one year, and is considerably less than strand-by-strand extensions. You can expect to spend between $150 and $300 for a partial head of hair extensions. If you decide to go for a complete head, expect to spend between six and eight hundred dollars.

The price of weft hair extensions is based on the quantity and quality of extensions. The quality of extensions is dependent on the length of your hair. Full head weaves can range from $100-$600, depending on the length and type. The price includes time to put the extensions on. This method is suitable for people with naturally thick hair.

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