What Type of Tape Hair Extensions Should You Buy?

tape hair extensions to buy

Tape hair extensions are becoming increasingly popular as a way of having longer, more beautiful hair. They are an easy and convenient way of getting the look you want without committing to expensive salon visits. There are several factors to take into account when choosing the right tape for your particular hair type.

Remy virgin hair

Remy virgin tape hair extensions are a great way to add volume and length to your hair. They are easy to install and can be bleached, washed, and styled. Depending on your needs, you can choose from a variety of different types of extensions.

These extensions are made with polyurethane tape and come in a variety of colors and lengths. You can also purchase singular pieces of extensions, which make application easier.

To ensure that you are purchasing quality hair, make sure that you buy from a company that uses real human hair and not synthetic products. Virgin hair is less likely to tangle or shed.

When purchasing remy virgin hair, make sure that you read the description. Sometimes, sellers will dip the hair in silicone to disguise it. Using silicone in hair can cause tangling and matted hair. Choosing a brand that offers 100% remy, human hair, and a no-slip silicone coating can help you avoid this problem.

The best way to find virgin tape ins is to look for companies that sell hair by the gram. This is because each gram can vary by length, texture, and cut.

Tape ins are a lot lighter than other types of remy extensions. Having the correct ratio of hair on the tape helps to reduce the weight of the package.

Some women have reported that they tangled their natural hair while trying to attach it. Another problem is that non-Remy hair can matte up quickly. With proper care, virgin tape ins can last up to half a year.

While purchasing, check the description to ensure that the company is offering high-quality hair. If they are not, you should consider a different product.

Synthetic hair

If you want to look like a movie star or a model without undergoing a costly hair replacement, you might want to consider buying synthetic tape hair extensions. These products are cheaper and easier to install than human hair extensions. They are also more resistant to humidity and rain, so you won’t have to worry about ruining your hairstyle in these conditions.

Tape-in hair extensions are simple to wear and easy to take care of. Just make sure you don’t comb your hair or tie it tight with wet hair. Otherwise, you’ll risk breaking the extensions.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that synthetic hair won’t absorb conditioner like real hair. This can result in greasy looking hair. Instead, you should add a small amount of conditioner and distribute it evenly.

Another tip is to avoid using hot water to style your hair. Using heated tools can melt the synthetic fibers. Also, be careful not to use hot water for rinsing.

To get the best results, you should consult a professional stylist. A good stylist can accurately fix your extensions.

The application process may take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. Afterwards, you’ll have to wait up to a month before you can reuse them again.

You’ll be able to buy synthetic tape hair extensions in a variety of colors. Some are available in a single piece for easy DIY application, while others come in individual pieces.

When you’re ready to remove the extensions, you can either use a hairbrush or a brush designed specifically for hair extensions. For the latter, you should be able to glide it through your natural hair without tugging it too hard.

Sew lines

If you’re looking to add length or volume to your hair, consider buying a set of sew lines tape hair extensions. These inexpensive additions are designed to last for several months, and give you an easy way to achieve long locks.

Before you buy a set, though, there are a few important things you should know. They’ll help you get the most out of your investment.

A sew-in is a great way to add length, but it’s also a time-consuming process. To make the most of your money, you’ll want to find a professional who can do the job right. It’s also worth asking a friend for advice.

Sew-ins are an ideal choice for women with thick or coarse hair. Using a numbing cream is a good idea, but not all salons offer them. You should also research the type of extensions you’re interested in.

While the cost of a set of hair extensions will vary, depending on your desired length and style, a full head will cost about $60 to $100. Hair extensions can be purchased in bundles or as individual pieces. Some companies even offer free shipping.

As with any hair product, it’s best to shop around for the best price. Check out reviews and star ratings before purchasing.

Another thing to look for is a salon’s experience. Ideally, you’ll want a hairdresser who can apply your extensions correctly. Visiting the salon every six weeks is a good rule of thumb. This will ensure your sewn-in weave stays in top shape.

There are many other types of extensions, including wefted and clip-ins. Depending on the type, you may need to make several trips to the salon for a full installation.


There are many different ways to wash tape hair extensions. Some people choose to use the sink to clean their extensions. This method is not recommended since water can damage the adhesive bonds.

Using a towel is a better option. This will help to protect the extensions and reduce tangling. Make sure to avoid rubbing the towel into the extensions. A wide-tooth comb is also a good tool to use.

When washing hair, be sure to wash it in lukewarm water. You may need to repeat the process if your hair is not tangle free. Always use a mild shampoo. Be sure to gently massage the shampoo into the scalp.

When using conditioner, make sure to apply it only to the midshaft and ends of your hair. Applying conditioner to the roots can weaken the adhesive bonds and cause the hair to slip.

If you are swimming, be sure to use a swimming cap to protect your hair. Saltwater can be extremely damaging.

It is a good idea to brush your hair before and after you shower. This helps to remove excess water and oil. Brushing hair can also help to prevent tangles.

It is not a good idea to wear your hair wet during the night. Water can soak into your pillow. Wet hair is brittle. In addition, finger oils can harm your extensions.

The best way to clean your tape in hair extensions is to wait for at least two days. Waiting will allow the adhesive to set. Leaving the tape in for longer than this can result in the bonds separating.

If you have to wash your hair on a daily basis, try to do so only after exercising. Washing your hair every day can actually shorten the life of your extensions.


The lifespan of your tape hair extensions depends on how you take care of them. Luckily, there are simple tips you can follow to ensure that your new strands last for as long as possible.

Using a good quality tape can increase the lifespan of your extensions by as much as twelve weeks. You should also brush your hair gently to prevent tangling. Having a good brush can help you achieve the most impressive results.

When using a tape extension, it’s recommended to use sulfate-free shampoo. Also, try to avoid applying products with a high alcohol content. This will weaken the adhesive and can make it easier for the extension to slip out.

It’s also a good idea to protect the extensions with a heat protectant spray. Similarly, never sleep with your hair wet.

Likewise, you should also use a dry shampoo to remove oil buildup. However, the best way to wash your hair is to do it in small sections. Brushing your hair from the bottom up can help you avoid tangles.

For a more permanent look, you can consider micro ring hair extensions. These last for around six months, although you will need to have them replaced regularly. Another good option is to buy a pre-bonded hair extension kit. Pre-bonded hair is not the most durable, but it can still last for up to four months.

Some clients wonder how long their tape hair extensions are going to last. A good rule of thumb is to leave the extensions in for at least a year. However, if your hair grows faster than expected, you might have to reapply them every six to eight weeks.

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